White Mountain & Bristlecone Pine Forest Trip

Aug 31-Sep1, 2007

Chris & Rachel Climbed California's 3rd highest peak White Mountain (14,252') starting at Barcroft Station UC's High Altitude research station, after visiting the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest to see the oldest living organism, the Methuselah Tree. It is a single bristlecone pine tree which germinated in 2832 BC. and is now 4,789 years old. It was 1000 years old when humans came up with their first alphabet.
Click on each image to see a larger picture or on "(full)" to see the full size image . I also made a time lapse movie of the scene at the summit. (Note the antlike hikers making their way up and down)
IMGP0756-(full) IMGP0761-(full) IMGP0762-(full) IMGP0763-(full) IMGP0765-(full) IMGP0766-(full) IMGP0769-(full) IMGP0771-(full) IMGP0772-(full) IMGP0773-(full) IMGP0774-(full) IMGP0778-(full) IMGP0779-(full) IMGP0781-(full) IMGP0784-(full) IMGP0786-(full) IMGP0787-(full) IMGP0788-(full) IMGP0789-(full) IMGP0790-(full) IMGP0792-(full) IMGP0797-(full) IMGP0798-(full) IMGP0799-(full) IMGP0800-(full) IMGP0802-(full) IMGP0804-(full) IMGP0805-(full) IMGP0806-(full) IMGP0807-(full) IMGP0808-(full) IMGP0809-(full) IMGP0810-(full) IMGP0812-(full) IMGP0813-(full) IMGP0814-(full) IMGP0816-(full) IMGP0818-(full) IMGP0820-(full) IMGP0823-(full) IMGP0825-(full) IMGP0832-(full) IMGP0836-(full) IMGP0838-(full) IMGP0839-(full) IMGP1008-(full) IMGP1010-(full) IMGP1013-(full) IMGP1015-(full) IMGP1019-(full) IMGP1020-(full) IMGP1022-(full) IMGP1023-(full) IMGP1026-(full) IMGP1027-(full)